Awakening of Love

In January, as a solitary writer, I made a plea to the Universe: Dear Universe; Is it not possible that I might have some company? And also perhaps some fun? Lo and behold! By 3 p.m. the cosmic ordering service had sprung into action. There in my in tray lay an invite to a 2 1/2 day Awakening of Love (AOL) course? I love it when my prayers are answered but it was going to involve me in more self improvement work. I had hoped to manifest something that would nourish me without effort but the Universe knew better than I did. If it didn’t give me what I wanted it certainly gave me what I needed: the chance to work and be safely held in a group; the chance to have the kind support of others to open my heart rather than trying to do everything on my own; an opportunity for a profound and lasting change that I am still processing. What greater gift could I possibly ever have than that of awakening my heart?


I found AOL to be a clean and effective process of self enquiry, clearing and healing. What I liked most about it was that the structure of the course was disciplined and contained. The boundaried approach allowed all participants, including those helping, the freedom and privacy to be vulnerable and emotional without feeling invaded or exposed.

When I arrived at the venue I walked into a room in which half of the people were sitting in absolute silence, reading or writing in their note books. The other half were trying to make conversation. In the end the silence prevailed. I was most perturbed. Was everyone there so wounded that they were unable to speak? Where on earth was I? It turned out that it was just that I was not in the know. And if I found silence to be disconcerting at the beginning, by the end I recognised it as a gift of nourishment and healing.

It is a rule at Awakening of Love that you are not allowed to converse with participants at all. The course forms an introduction to the Path of Love, the world-renowned eight day transformational process, founded by Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover, which was created after spending many years with Indian philosopher and visionary, Osho. It is offered all over the world to the same format. Throughout the process, there are opportunities for dance, release, chanting; meditation, prayer, music and self-enquiry. There is a lot of eye contact; one-to-one work and work in groups; deep listening; disclosure, but no conversing. Not in the group. Not at lunch. Not ever. Only at the end if you wanted to. Not only that, we were all bound to a solemn promise of confidentiality. Whatever we heard from individuals we were to forget.

I found it was the silence most of all that released me. There was no need to converse with any individual outside of the exercises. That gave me privacy and space to process, to consolidate the learning and shifts that I had had inside: how enormously liberating and respectful. It was also helpful that the roles of all participants were clearly defined. The two facilitators, Rita Devi Mitra and Simon Matthews were skilled, dedicated and generous. AOL assistants were volunteers who had previously attended the sister course, Path of Love, and they were most supportive, respectful, kind and generous.

Then there were the other group participants. Much support and compassion was offered. Silently. I was moved by the courage of all of us to own our stuff, to be vulnerable, to be honest, to disclose, to change. I even found courage to do this within myself.

So was the Universe right? Was I given the right course? Were my prayers answered? Of course they were. A month later, I certainly feel stronger, more confident and present. And given that I was engaged in self-improvement work for 2 1/2 days with a group of people with whom I was forbidden to converse, somehow I also received my wish for company and fun. I truly appreciate and have deep gratitude for the AOL experience.

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Wendy Erlick is an Angel Channeller, Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach. To book an appointment with her please contact Watkins Books, – 0207 836 2182.
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