Living this Life Fully

Praful is a Path of Love Leader with a deep grounding in meditation, an enduring love for truth, and a strong passion for life.  His love is to serve, and he gives totally, with all his heart, to support others to experience the transformation and inner potential that they seek.

When Praful did Path of Love, it became one of the most important steps of his life.

He says, “The process changed something I was in for many years, something that was basic. I knew what meditation was, but I didn’t know until that moment that, for me, meditation meant prayer.  As simple as it is, this experience brought for me a feeling of being back home. When I was a child, praying was something that I deeply loved.  There was a beautiful sincerity and a deep relaxation that was happening when I was praying.  In prayer I was searching, and I was searching mostly during the moments where it was nighttime. I loved to pray at nighttime. It has always been a deep resource for me.  As a child, and later on in times of pain, I would find in prayer a place within myself to feel contained and supported, and to feel the sensation of love.

My background in facilitating and working with humankind began when I was 18, when I started to be around some monks, Buddhist and others.

I enjoyed their very simple way of living, which reminded me of something I loved very much when I was a kid, the simplicity and the heart of Saint Francesco.  Saint Francesco was a monk who lived very simply and full-heartedly. He came from a rich family, left everything, and embraced poverty, simplicity and humanness.  He has become a remarkable man for me, he was a master and taught a lot.

So when I met these monks I started meditation, and out of this I started to meet my blocks.  I had so many overwhelming life experiences, that I could not feel.

I started then to attend workshops and trainings here and there, feeling again myself and the beauty of the heart. As I love to serve human beings, I started to learn different therapeutic tools and how to support someone else to come out of their frozenness and numbness.  The best for me is that I love people, I love being with people. I love humankind, to feel them, understand them, and to be close to them.

My therapy is my life.  Living this life fully, doing many different kinds of work, and being a husband, father and friend. Especially being a father.  It has been life changing, and how I know more of myself and of life.”

Praful has led, up until now, around 40 Awakening of Love’s.  What he says about this 3-day workshop is:

“What I love most about the Awakening of Love is to see people to dare to go in their hearts. This is it. This is the beauty and the journey. To dare to have the courage to leave the protection and the safeness of the head, and to go into the spaciousness and beauty of the heart. When I see people jumping or descending from the mind into the heart that is the most joyful and rewarding thing that my eyes, heart and soul can perceive and feel.  It is a very courageous step. Of course it is not easy to do it, but when people let go of resistances and go there, for me that is when prayer becomes tangible.

In three days, it is an amazing way to see people dare to drop themselves into the heart and to become so close to their soul, to their essence. The whole room, within 3 days, becomes a room for brothers and sisters to meet.

There is so much of loving kindness in everybody, and loving kindness is a beautiful gift that someone can experience for oneself.

For me, Path of Love and Awakening of Love are great possibilities to remember the truth of who we are and bring it home; to remember the sensation of brotherhood and sisterhood; and to fulfil the task in becoming ordinary, wholehearted, simple humans.”

When it is asked to Praful, “What do you love to do the most?” he says:

“The two things I love most to do are gardening, I can spend hours between my flowers and plants without the need of anything else, and spending the summertime evenings under the stars because it is the best meditation for me, staring at the stars.  It is prayerful, that time of day. The night time under the stars.”


Praful is a Path of Love Leader, and is trained in multiple approaches for self discovery, including Life Coaching, Counselling, Trauma Release (Somatic Experiencing®), Family and Systemic Constellations with Bert Hellinger, Primal Work, NLP, Bioenergetic, Osho Training Therapies, and BodyWork, as well as over 12 years of training and teaching in the school of BreathWork.

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