Love in Action Project Proposal

In which country would this Love in Action project take place?
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If you have attended any of our programs (Introductory Work, Path of Love 7-Day Retreat, Staffing, Walking the Path), please indicate when and where. *
Have you worked with any of our Leaders, Facilitators or Organizers in the past? If so, when and where? Thank you. *
How did you hear about the Love in Action Foundation? *
Please share your Love in Action Project proposal, providing as much detail as possible. Thank you. *
How would you like to be involved in the project? What skills do you have that may be helpful? For example, I am good at organizing and could coordinate a food collection, or I am in construction and could help with building materials, or I am in event planning and could help find a venue and bring people, etc. *
Do you have any volunteers already committed? If so, how many and who? *
Where will the project take place? *
Will the project incur any expenses, such as supplies, petrol, etc? Please describe and provide a cost estimate. *
Is there an existing foundation or group that you would like to partner with? Please provide contact information and link to website, if applicable. *
Anything else you would like to share? Thank you! *
Would you like to receive Love in Action specific communications, such as newsletters or updates? *
Do you give your permission for a Love in Action volunteer coordinator to contact you at the e-mail you have provided above? *

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