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Give to the Path Retreats Scholarship Program. Help to create a
better world, one individual at a time.

Path Retreats Scholarship Program

One of our deepest aspirations is to share the Path Retreats work with anyone who is interested. Our staff gives a
number of free spaces for each Path of Love 7-Day Retreat from their salaries, and with your help, we would like
to offer more. In these changing times, it is our firm belief that the world needs more people to experience this
remarkable and life-changing process.

People are searching for inner change. They want to live at a deeper and more meaningful level in themselves,
and with their families, friends, and communities. They want an experience that gives more depth and meaning to their lives, brings real and enduring change, and helps them to contribute more effectively towards making this world a better place to live.

Until the individual changes, the whole cannot change. We can speak of “world peace” or “changing the world”,
but peace and change starts with each of us. The Path Retreats work address the very heart of those problems
which we all share, no matter where we are in the globe, what we do with our lives, or who we are in society. Our
courses give people the tools to live their lives in a way that is based on love and respect for all forms of life.

Give to the Path Retreats Scholarship Program. Help to create a
better world, one individual at a time.

How to Give

General Scholarship Fund

Each year we have many people applying to participate in our workshops who need some financial help in order to do the process.

The Scholarship Fund was established to make our retreats accessible to people who feel a strong call to do the process, and whose financial situation currently prevents them from attending. The fund is supported by donations from past participants, including past recipients of financial assistance and from our staff, and each scholarship place is given at a reduced rate. Over the years this generosity has allowed hundreds of people to attend Path of Love that would not ordinarily have been able to afford it.

Donations to our Global Scholarship Fund, which includes all regions except Australia, can be made using the form below. For donations to the Path of Love Scholarship Trust in Australia, please contact Niten at

Monthly Donation

If you would like, you can give a recurring donation, in the amount of your choosing.

Gift of a Scholarship

If you would like to give the gift of the Path of Love 7-Day Retreat to a friend or loved one, simply complete the donation form, let us know who the gift is for, and include their e-mail or postal address (if desired). We are happy to send a note to the recipient, letting them know you have given them the gift of Path of Love.

Support the Growth of Our Organization

Thank you for your interest in donating to Path Retreats.

Though we may seem big, it is largely due to the volunteer efforts of hundreds of people worldwide.

In addition to the volunteer staff present at every Path of Love, everyone on our office staff gives their time at a reduced or volunteer rate. They are supported in their work by our Path Retreats Leaders who contribute their skills for no cost in different roles…everything from Finance and Process Development to Human Resources and Strategic Planning.

We feel now is the time to grow and secure this fantastic process so that many more people can have access to this work, both now and for generations to come.

Donations directly to the organization help us to grow and to reach many more people. If you are in a position to help, and you can support us to thrive and grow, we thank you.

To find out more about our Scholarship & Donation program, please contact us at

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For donations to Australia Scholarship Trust, please see contact details above.

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