Meditations for Everyday Life


Meditations for Everyday Life

A 12-Week Series of Osho Meditations

Mondays, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. MT (Colorado Time), 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. AEDT (Sydney Time)

led by Mushkan, Niten and Punitama


In this very special series, Path Retreats presents a sampling of some of our favorite Osho Meditations. Some are well known, such as Nadabrahma. Others are more rare, and can be found only in The Orange Book, a limited print book of Osho meditations published at the ranch, in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon.

In an excerpt from The Orange Book, “Some of the techniques – Vipassana, Nadabrahma, Whirling – have been familiar to meditators of many traditions for centuries; others  – Dynamic, Kundalini, Gourishankar – reflect both the wisdom of these traditions and the findings of contemporary psychology; they are Bhagwan’s unique prescription for the needs of modern man. Together, they add up to a rare opportunity for us to exhaust all our efforts to reach the here-and-now and find ourselves.

Join three certified Osho Meditation Leaders, Mushkan, Punitama and Niten, as we revisit and experience the transformative effects of these Osho meditations together.



March 1: From the Head to the Heart

From the Head to the Heart is a very gentle technique of imagining oneself without the head, whether sitting or walking. At the beginning it may feel very strange…a new experience to be certain! But as we stay with it we start noticing that we can feel the heart much more…and all that comes with it. 

“Thinking is a pseudo activity, a substitute activity. It gives you a false sense of something happening, and nothing happens.  

So shift from thinking to feeling, and the best way will be to start breathing from the heart. In the day as many times as you remember, just take a deep breath; feel it hitting just in the middle of the chest. Feel as if the whole existence is pouring into you, into your heart exactly in the middle – not on the left, not on the right… exactly in the middle. That is where your heart center is. It differs with different people; ordinarily, it is leaning to the right. 

It has nothing to do with the physical heart. It is a totally different thing; it belongs to the subtle body. Your heart is exactly in the middle and that is a good sign, a very good sign, of balance. You can have centering very easily.  So move from the head to the heart and all your senses will become suddenly luminous. You will start feeling life really throbbing in you, ready to jump, ready to flow.”  – Osho 

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March 8:  No Mind – Unburdening of the Mind

The Osho No Mind Meditation is comprised of two parts…Gibberish Meditation followed by Silent Sitting.  This is a fantastic way to experience a deep and profound silence within, beyond the busy thoughts and emotions of the mind. Try it!!

As Osho explains, “Gibberish is one of the most scientific ways to clean your mind”. And also that:

“To be in the mind is to be out of yourself. To be out of the mind is to be in your own being. Just go inwards and it is not thousands of miles away. It is only thousands of thoughts away. So it is only a question of reducing the thoughts and the mileage is reduced. If you don’t have any thoughts, you are in it. You are it. You don’t have to go anywhere; you have to simply go on throwing your thoughts. That is the purpose of our gibberish before the meditation. Just a time to throw everything, without inhibition.”

And then comes the silence:

“Deeper and deeper … the deeper you go, the more fragrant becomes the air. The deeper you go, suddenly flowers start showering on you. At the deepest point you are the buddha. The buddha means simply witnessing, pure witnessing. Just witness: the body is there, the mind is there, but you are neither.” – Osho

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March 15:  Kundalini

Osho developed a several active meditations, including Kundalini Meditation, Dynamic Meditation, and No Dimension (below), especially for the modern world in which we live where many people find it difficult to sit still and reach the depths of meditation. So if you are looking for a different type of meditation…which first moves the body to experience deep silence, try Kundalini!

The shaking and dancing of the first two stages helps to “melt” the rocklike being, wherever the energy flow has been repressed and blocked. Then that energy can flow, dance and be transformed into bliss and joy. The last two stages of the meditation enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upward into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go.  It allows you to reconnect to yourself and be in the here and now.

“Meditation is the only real alchemy…once you have reached your center of being and once you have known that you are consciousness, you are beyond birth, beyond death.” – Osho

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March 22:  Hollow Bamboo

Sitting comfortably and using gentle natural breath we just imagine to be like a hollow bamboo …empty…allowing the breath to gently create space inside. Then, simply standing in a loose posture, allow the body to move the way it wants to, we move with it, allowing any spontaneous natural movements: moving , dancing, swaying, trembling. We leave everything up to the Divine. We surrender to the divine.

Here is what Osho says about the hollow bamboo:

“This is one of Tilopa’s special methods. Every master has his own special method through which he has attained, and through which he would like to help others. This is Tilopa’s specialty: Like a hollow bamboo rest at ease with your body.” 

This is one of the most beautiful meditations, the meditation of becoming a hollow bamboo. You need not do anything else. You simply become this, and all else happens. There is nothing to give, there is nothing to get. Everything is absolutely okay…as it is. There is no need for any give and take. You are absolutely perfect as you are.

You need not become anything; simply realize who you are, that’s all. Simply realize who is hidden within you. Improving, whatsoever you improve, you will always be in anxiety and anguish because the very effort to improve is leading you on a wrong path. It makes the future meaningful, a goal meaningful, ideals meaningful, and then your mind becomes a desiring.

Desiring, you miss. Let desiring subside, become a silent pool of nondesiring – and suddenly you are surprised, unexpectedly it is there. And you will have a belly laugh, as Bodhidharma laughed.

What is to be practiced then? To be more and more at ease. To be more and more here and now. To be more and more in action, and less and less in activity. To be more and more hollow, empty, passive. To be more and more a watcher – indifferent, not expecting anything, not desiring anything. To be happy with yourself as you are. To be celebrating.

And then, any moment – any moment when things ripen and the right season comes – you bloom into a buddha.” – Osho

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March 29:  No Dimension 

This active centering meditation is based on Sufi techniques for awareness and integration of the body. Using the breath and a series of coordinated body movements followed by whirling, this is a powerful method for centering ones energy in the hara, the “life energy” center below the navel. From there you can watch the mind and experience awareness and wholeness – the body moving in all directions, the center unmoving.

“Meditation means turning in…and suddenly you are the master. Nothing is lacking, nothing is missing. All that you need is already there within you.” – Osho

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April 5: Devavani

April 12: Golden Light

April 19: Nataraj

April 26: Satsang



Punitama Phipps has devoted her life to the study of  Meditation and Awareness practices. She is a certified Osho Meditation Leader and has lead meditations in the Osho Ashram in India and the Osho Leela Center,  Boulder Colorado. In addition, she is trained in Somatic Experiencing Trauma work, and offers a body centered approach in her sessions and meditation mentoring.





Mushkan A. Defilippo has been a meditator with Osho and meditation instructor for 25 years. She is a mindfulness based somatic therapist and a licensed mental health counselor. She is passionate about mindfulness techniques to increase resilience, groundedness and ease. 






“Niten” Neil Ferguson is devoted meditator and certified facilitator of Osho Meditations. Additionally, he is a mindfulness based Licensed Counsellor and Somatic Therapist.









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