A New Beginning

Happy New Year! We are so happy to share our new website with you...with a lovely new look, new features, and new opportunities to connect, it truly reflects the unique and dynamic outlook of Path Retreats.

A Letter From Rafia


Dear friends of Path Retreats,

As I turn my attention from the last year and look forward to the next, I am particularly struck by the remarkable blessing to not only witness and participate in the profoundly amazing personal transformations that happen in the Path of Love work but also for  the very satisfying job of working together with the brilliant team of people which underpins and drives Path Retreats.

The big news I am thrilled to tell you about is that we have a beautiful and completely new website which we are over-the-moon excited about. 

As we are ever aspiring to grow and change I feel this is certainly the closest we have come to expressing and representing who we are as a culture, an international community, a business and a spiritually-based organization offering fabulously deep group work as well as social action projects intended to help with some of the challenges of the unstable world we live in.

On this new site you will find many new videos from leaders and participants, an outline of the stream of groups and support we offer as well as the addition of a very important new wing of our work called
Love in Action

There are also many new features including the opportunity for curious new people to schedule calls to find out more about the groups and our organization,
resources for therapists considering to recommend Path of Love for their clients, information on our scholarship program, and a place to submit ideas for Love in Action volunteer projects.

There is also a place in the footer where you can request more information and receive a really beautiful 12-page packet about the work.

It is also quite lovely and easy to use…we are excited to share it…and hope you enjoy visiting it as much as we do!


Experience The Joy

Our new website has beautiful new videos, updated testimonials, and pages filled with information about our retreats.

Path of Love will challenge you to let of of old stories, wounds, concepts, beliefs and  judgements. It will bring you to an aliveness and passionate intensity for an authentic life.    Watch this video from Path of Love Croatia to hear from our participants!
Find a Retreat

Our Find a Retreat page makes it quick and easy to see all of our retreats and workshops. You can find a retreat or graduate event in your area, click to reserve your space, or easily contact a retreat organizer for more information.
Love in Action

Love in Action projects can be small or large, with individuals or groups, where people come together to make a difference. 
Upcoming Retreats
Path of Love Pune, India
In English 
from January 13th -  20th, 2019 
For bookings and info:

For staffing: 
Path of Love Gut Helmeringen, Germany In German 
from March 9th - 16th, 2019 

For bookings and info: 
For staffing: 
Path of Love Hunter Valley, Australia
In English  
from March 14th - 21st, 2019
For bookings and info:

For staffing: 
Path of Love Verona, Italy
In English  
from March 20th - 27st, 2019
For bookings and info:

For staffing: 
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