Path of Love Australia! A Few Words from Nyck…

Path of Love Australia continues to evolve its own unique character and expression down here under the equator in the Great Southern Land – with the next Path of Love booking well for the end of February into March this year. This will be the 8th year that there have been two POL workshops in Australia, and we must easily have over one thousand graduates in what is the second smallest marketplace for POL in the second biggest land!

What I love most is this expanding diversity of the work. In each country, each group of staff, each team of facilitators brings their own authentic expression and passion to the work, and yet at any time, we could just swap staff and leaders and all would still be well!

If you have friends or family in Australia and you feel the time might be right for them to jump into the Process we still have places – and what a beautiful location we currently operate from! On a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and the mouth of a big river, the natural environment makes for a real depth of holding, connection to nature, and a peaceful space for the participants as they make their journey to essence and authentic expression.

What a community!

But it is also time for new growth and some change, and part of that is our
successful launch of a Scholarship Fund and other fundraising activities (such as the great little shop we created at the end of POL last year which raised significant money for the fund). This next POL has two people being supported into the Process via the fund.

We have also been launching into advanced work with a very successful AOL Training and Men Women Retreat last year. This year we are planning a special short POL review, details about to come off the press!

Welcome always to the best Path of Love ever!

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