Path of Love Personal Growth Retreat: Real, Enduring Change

Personal Growth Retreat


What really works in your life? What is missing in your life? Who are you, really? And what does personal growth mean anyway?


In our daily lives we often wear masks of propriety. We pretend we are feeling fine, when we really feel fearful, lonely, angry, or anxious. Sometimes, we may feel even our loved ones don’t know us, but it may be our own limitations…our fear, shame, inner violence, guilt…our inability to relax and be genuine, without fear of rejection…which causes this feeling of separation. It can be so hard to be completely honest, with ourselves and with others. But what if you took off your mask, and revealed the person underneath? What would happen?


In the Path of Love 7-Day personal growth retreat, you will find out. You will learn to honestly show your feelings and stop hiding. You will find the courage to stand in your vulnerability and recognize and go beyond your fears. You will look at your attitudes, your judgements, and your projections. You will see yourself and the world for what it really is, outside of the filters you have placed upon it from so many years of living, surviving, experiencing, and trying to be loved, accepted, appreciated, and seen.


This 7-day residential personal growth retreat will increase your sense of self-worth, humility, and compassion. You will find how to live in your true values, fulfill your needs, and to meet life’s challenges with honesty and dignity.


When we are seen in our authenticity, we feel connected. We feel that we belong, because we do. And others feel it, too.


It is not the world that has to change, but each individual. Come to the Path of Love 7-Day Personal Growth Retreat. Meet yourself. And meet other people. For possibly the very first time.

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