Support for Native American Communities in Need in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Our Native American brothers and sisters in New Mexico are struggling greatly thru COVID-19. Since March a small group of volunteers, based in Santa Fe, have been collecting food, drinking water, personal care items and gently used clothing to assist those most at risk. We then deliver the items to remote rural areas. Sadly, their need continues, as many are living without electricity and water. This is making it very difficult for them to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Many are unable to frequently wash their hands, and masks, bedding, and other items in homes where there is a patient who has tested positive.

We have been delivering hand sanitizer, soap, and masks on each trip. We also deliver safe drinking water, food and are now collecting funds to provide IBC water tanks to identified elders at risk, who do not have access to running or safe drinking water.

Recently, when delivering donated items, the coordinator receiving the items told us that a group of 25 elderly people had run out of food the day before, and how glad she was that they could now provide them with the food we brought.

Many of the people we are assisting have needed help long before covid, and this emergency has made it much more difficult for them to face so many survival challenges at once.

Now, as fall and winter loom, we plan to meet the many additional winter needs for these communities. We will be needing more IBC water tanks to provide safe drinking water, propane tanks, and wood to heat homes. We will continue to deliver hand sanitizer, masks and medical supplies. Also winter bedding, winter clothing, and jackets for all age groups, from newborns to elders, are critical items to endure the cold temperatures.

We are looking for support for these ongoing efforts. People can help in two ways. To support us in Santa Fe we can provide you with an address to drop off non-perishable food, drinking water, pet food and winter supplies. We also have GoFundMe Fundraiser for the IBC tanks. We make a supply trip each week. We need your support to help continue this project as we head into fall and winter.

Please email to Sitara at, if you are able to help.

Thank you very much for your support.

With Love,


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