Uncovering Your Essence: Tools and Resources for Developing Resilience




Tools and Resources for Uncovering Your Essence and Developing Resilience with Gita and Sudhir

Saturday, February 13

10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. MT (Colorado Time), 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. CET (Italy Time)



In times as chaotic, intense and uncertain as these, it is crucial that we tap into our inner resilience.


This one-time, interactive webinar will be a journey of inner exploration. Instead of bypassing the feelings evoked by our current challenges, we will look at both the darkness and the light of this human experience, and use it as a doorway into the healing potential of these challenging times

Discovering your inner resilience is a life skill that allows you the ability to withstand or adjust to challenges.  We live our lives with ongoing changes and challenges, whether it is in our personal relationships, work environments, or just going to the grocery store. Learning about your innate resilience can give you the knowing that at the core of yourself, you are tenacious, and self-sufficient.  We all grow when life is most challenging – when change is upon us and we don’t want to change.

In a time of great change, knowing that within you is a vast reservoir of inner strength, will not only get you through these times, but all the times of your life.


The webinar will include teaching, inquiry practice, movement meditation and trauma sensitive work. We will explore supportive relational and somatic resources and tap into the healing potential of our inner guidance.

In this course, we will look at ways these forces operate in our daily lives and examine how to tap into our innate resilience.

We wish for you to walk away from this webinar with tools to tap into, own and embody your inner resilience, which will benefit and support every aspect of your daily life.



Our on-line courses have been designed as unique, one-time offerings from our Leaders, and recordings of modules will not be available. Thank you for understanding, and enjoy the course!


After practicing Zen Buddhism and Sufism for some time, Gita met Osho in 1983. 

Gita’s passion for grasping the correlation of ego personality (our strategies and wounds) and of who we truly are (our nature and essence) led her to training in Bioenergetics (A. Lowen), Biodynamic Massage (G. Boyesen), Rebirthing (L. Orr), Psychic Massage, Counseling, Hypnosis, Voice Dialogue, Osho Meditative Therapies, The Art of Dying, and Essence work. The focus of her in-depth training became Developmental Trauma Healing, Systemic Constellations (B. Hellinger), energy work and meditation (Osho Academy), early and adult attachment (D. Siegel and D. Poole-Heller) and Somatic Experiencing™️ (P. Levine).

Since the nineties, Gita has been creating and leading conscious touch trainings, primal and tantra intensives, residential retreats for women, and mentoring somatic psychotherapists and meditation teachers worldwide.


Sudhir holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and has trained in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities including Psychodrama, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology and EMDR. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico she runs a private practice offering individual and couples sessions, as well as working at a local trauma healing center where she creates and facilitates experiential groups focused on healing trauma and early attachment wounds.
Sudhir’s passion for personal inquiry led her to Osho and the world of transformational therapies in which she participated extensively. She continues to be grateful for this immersion experience and for the inspiration it offers in working with people and in her personal life. She came to Path of Love in 2000 and holds a deep respect and awe for the powerful transformations she has witnessed in herself and fellow travelers through the vehicle of this work. She sees it as an ongoing invitation to deepen into both the sacred and the deeply human.
She loves supporting people to uncover barriers to intimacy and regain their embodied aliveness and authenticity, in relationship to self, each other and our world.






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