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Please answer the following questions. Your answers will be read by the organizer and the process leaders and will be kept confidential. It is an important to answer all questions honestly in order for us to help you decide if Path of Love is an appropriate group for you. Thank you.

1. Please list the personal growth work you have participated in including therapy groups, spiritual retreats and individual therapy. Please include if you have applied for or attended any Path of Love related workshops and give the approximate date and place (AOL, POL, etc.) *
2. Please indicate any physical, mental, psychological conditions or illnesses you or your immediate family members have had in the past or have in the present which required or require on-going medication and or treatment. *
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Please be advised that our process includes a personal interview, following our review of this application, to ensure that your application is complete, and that you are ready to fully participate in the Path of Love Process. Following the interview, you will advised of our decision on your application, and be provided with our Medical Information Form, Terms & Conditions and Questionnaire, which must be completed, reviewed, signed and returned to POL Global Foundation Ltd. Finally, a Declaration and Consent Agreement must be completed and signed at the beginning of the Path of Love Process to confirm that all of the information provided remains current and accurate.

I represent that all of the information provided in this Application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge, and is being relied upon by POL Global Foundation Ltd in deciding my acceptance into the Path of Love process.

Please Note: As this form will only submit if all fields have been filled out, please make sure you have completed them all. If a question does not apply, you can write "Does not apply".

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