Path of Love

The transformational retreat to change your life

7-Day Transformational Retreat

The Path of Love 7-day transformational retreat is one of the most unique, powerful, and life-changing retreats offered in the world today. Established nearly 30 years ago in India, this residential transformational retreat is now conducted in six languages and in 14 countries. Called “5 years of transformation in one week”, it will alter your life in a substantial way.

99.1% of Path of Love graduates would recommend Path of Love to a friend or family member.

Wherever we look, we see the effects of polarization, division and separation, both within ourselves and in the world around us. We long to live our lives with greater purpose, peace and happiness, and to find a more authentic connection within ourselves and in our relationships. Pain, separation, anxiety, dissatisfaction and unhappiness are at epidemic levels, and we feel more emotionally separated from others than ever.

The Path of Love transformational retreat is a powerful, supportive, and extraordinary 7-day residential retreat in which participants undertake profound inner work.

The Path of Love 7-Day Transformational Retreat includes:

  • Individual, pre-retreat meeting with a Path of Love Organizer or Facilitator.
  • 7-days of the Path of Love transformational retreat, working directly with highly trained and qualified group leaders, including both individual and group therapy.
  • 100+ hours of the Path of Love Retreat, plus course materials and post-retreat support.
  • 5-day Integration process to support you after the retreat.
  • 2 Zoom follow-up group meetings (led by Path of Love Facilitator).
  • 3-weeks of one-on-one aftercare sharing and integrating with another group member.
  • 8-week aftercare email program for Path of Love graduates.
  • Membership in our global community of Path of Love retreat graduates, including on-line programs and Meditation Events for graduates in select cities.

The Path of Love life-changing retreat incorporates the very latest research and understandings in scientific and spiritual development.

100% of graduates who responded to a post-Path of Love transformational retreat survey discovered something about themselves during the retreat that they had not seen before.

This powerful, unifying and deeply healing retreat is a proven solution to heal division and unhappiness.

After completing the Path of Love transformational retreat, people report feeling grateful, confident, strong, connected, joyful and more authentic.

The Path of Love is an intense life-changing journey which combines a unique blend of psychological and spiritual approaches, incorporating the very latest in Western psychology understandings with time-proven Eastern mindfulness techniques. Participants experience deep insights and understandings and to find the courage to reclaim parts of themselves that have been lost…all with an uncompromising focus to meet and live their truth.

Each person is supported to focus on their longing and true desire to awaken and realize their full human and spiritual potential.

Benefits of our life-changing residential retreat include:

The ability to connect and make deep, authentic contact with others.

The capacity to be still and present, feel your emotions, listen to your body and reduce the dominance of the mind.

A natural confidence and trust that you can meet life’s challenges, choose actions that are empowering, and create the life that you long for.

Reduction of stress, fear, and anxiety, and healing from grief and loss.

An increase in your passion for life and sense of your true value, resulting in an innate capacity to live in joy, ease and dignity.

Recognition of our common humanity.

Inclusiveness of all life, despite religion, race, caste, cultural background, gender, social status, or any other perceived difference. This leads naturally to acceptance and living in peace.

Recognition and appreciation of your essential “spiritual” nature, the part of you that exists behind and beyond the conditioned layer of the personality.

Our Transformational Retreat Venues

Broughton Hall Estate, situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, is on 3000 acres of beautiful landscape acting as a sanctuary for well-being...

Broughton Hall Estate

Set in a region of unique natural beauty, Evolutee Hotel is a 5-star boutique hotel providing a relaxed and...

Evolutee Hotel

Set amidst forests and lakes and filled with wildlife, the Gut Helmeringen center of rest and healing offers space to nourish...

Gut Helmeringen

Hotel Trakošćan is set in a wooded, fairytale surrounding, just beside the magical and well-preserved 13th century Castle Trakošćan...

Hotel Trakošćan

Set on 200 acres of beautiful Australian bushland at the foot of the majestic Watgan Mountains...

Hunter Valley

Kio-o is a unique retreat and creativity centre nestled on a 125-acre property in the magnificent Laurentian mountains...


Medevi Brunn is set in the country of Östergötland, Sweden, on a unique heritage conservation site dating back to...

Medevi Brunn

Created with ecological and holistic vision and built with local earth bricks and an architectural approach of simplicity...

Moa Oasis

One of the most beautiful centers for meditation in Latin America and created for the evolution of consciousness...


OSHO Afroz Meditation Center is located in the astonishingly beautiful landscape of Eressos on the island...

Osho Afroz

Ranked one of the world’s most blissful meditation centers, this lush contemporary 28-acre campus...

Osho International
Meditation Resort

The largest Osho center in Italy, Osho Miasto is an institute for meditation and spiritual research immersed...

Osho Miasto

This luxury resort overlooking the mountainous countryside of São Bento do Sapucaí rests on...

Pousada do Quilombo

Built for the purpose of personal development and spiritual growth...

Quinta El Zopilote

Located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado, Sunrise Ranch is a 350-acre...

Sunrise Ranch

The beautiful tranquility of Tauhara, together with its fascinating history, people and nature, allows for the perfect...


Our Leaders

We have a dedicated team of skilled facilitators and group leaders trained in a wide range of approaches and modalities. They not only teach this work…but integrate it’s principles into their own lives. They each have a passionate longing to wake up to their own potential and to help others to do the same.

Abigail is an Integrative Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Constellator and Breath worker in private practice in London...

Abigail Iquo Isuo

Alima has been working in the field of transformation with herself and others for 40 years. She is passionate about awakening...

Alima Cameron

An accident in her late teens shook Gita’s identity and created an opening into being...

Gita Wagner

Halima Hane is Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy with a private practice in Frankfurt, and has been working as a practicing therapist...

Halima Hane

Nirodha first dove into the human potential movement in 1982. He become involved in group process work in 1991 and worked extensively with tantra...

Nirodha Stearns

Prema is a body-based therapist, group workshop facilitator and educator who combines more than 20 years of experience in Eastern medicine...

Prema McKeever

Since 1976 Rafia Morgan has been deeply involved with spiritual and personal growth work. After completing his BA in Economics…...

Rafia Morgan

Sambhavo is a specialized therapist with a Clinical Master and Ph.D. in Psychology. He was a psychology researcher and teacher...

Sambhavo Lombardo

Samved John Dass is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist living and working in the Byron Bay area of New South Wales in Australia...

Samved Dass

From Brazil, Shubhaa holds a degree in Psychology, from the University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil, specializing in Gestalt...

Shubhaa Fisher

In the early 80’s, Sudhir worked as German engineer developing cars. But he felt that there was more to life than money and success...

Sudhir Seyboth

From the USA, Talib is an educator and clinical therapist specializing in relational and trauma resolutions. He is a Leader...

Talib Fisher

Turiya Hanover has extensive experience in leading personal development groups and trainings globally since 1973. Turiya has been trained in...

Turiya Hanover

From Germany, Veeto holds an MA in Social Science and is a licensed psychotherapist specialized in working with developmental trauma resolutions....

Veeto Eitel

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Schedule a call with one of our Retreat Advisors to learn more about the Path of Love 7-Day Retreat.

This link will take you to an external site, where you can share your contact information (such as e-mail and/or Skype Name, etc.) and schedule an informal chat with one of our Retreat Advisors.

Schedule a call with one of our Retreat Advisors to learn more about the Path of Love 7-Day Retreat.

This link will take you to an external site, where you can share your contact information (such as e-mail and/or Skype Name, etc.) and schedule an informal chat with one of our Retreat Advisors.

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