Love in Action

In Service to Humanity and the World

Living In Integrity And Truth

As an organization dedicated to human awakening and living in integrity and truth, we are in the process of developing Love in Action, a non-profit extension of our work. This movement is dedicated to putting human values into service for the whole of humankind. We find it to be a natural progression of our deep inner transformational work to make a contribution to the world; to take action where action is needed, to help our communities, and to support, participate and invest in projects where there are people in need and people who are striving to help our world and its people evolve.

A Deep Commitment

We feel we have a particular and perhaps unique understanding that is well-suited to contribute and address some of the issues which people are facing at this point in history.

To that end, out of gratitude for what we have received, we are very deeply committed to initiate and be
party to projects, events, initiatives, organizations, and people that could benefit from the consciousness of Love in Action.

Love in Action: Global Initiatives

Our very first Love in Action program was a Path of Love 7-Day Retreat in Croatia, from March 20 – 27, 2018. To read more about the event, and see pictures and video, follow the link below!

Love in Action: Regional Initiatives

For a Love in Action contact in your area, please follow the link below. If you do not see your region, please check back! This is a growing aspect of the work and contacts will be added as new regions are developed.

Make A Difference

Love in Action projects can be small or large, with individuals or groups, where people come together to make a difference. Let’s see what we can do together…submit your project proposal today!

Donations & Scholarships

In these changing times, it is our firm belief that the world needs more people to experience this remarkable and life-changing process. Giving to Path Retreats will make a difference. It will help to create a better world, one individual at a time.

Love in Action: Our Efforts Around the Globe

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Regional Contacts


Contact Name: Mukti Grace

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USA & Canada:

Contact Name: Tathagata

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Contact Name: Sudhir

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United Kingdom:

Contact Name: Abigail

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