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Step-by-step, Path Retreats open your eyes and empower you to live the life you have always dreamed of and hoped for…a life full of joy, aliveness and deep connection to yourself and others, your creativity and your work.

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Path of Love, our flagship course is a powerful 7-Day residential retreat led by experienced facilitators, which provides lasting results that expand over time and integrate gracefully into your life. While you will also experience insights and deep understandings, Path of Love offers the potential for real enduring change.

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"To come face to face with one's own personal pain, regrets, fears and doubts - and those of others - and then to see all those difficult emotions transmuted into unbridled joy."
- David Leser
Journalist & Author

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We Will Challenge You and Support You Every Step of the Way

Recognising that the journey of self-discovery is challenging, we provide an environment where you will feel safe, loved and respected while you go through your process of transformation.

Path Retreats are held in beautiful locations around the world. During the process all your needs will be attended to by our dedicated staff in a way that you will find truly exceptional.

Walking the Path...

When you complete a Path Retreat course, you have the opportunity to be part of a worldwide community of people who are passionate about changing themselves and changing the world.

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We support you by offering a range of retreats and workshops, which will help you continue to evolve.

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Love in Action

Our Contribution

All Path Retreats support the evolution of the whole themselves, their lives, and their communities. In each of our retreats, we cover the course fee for a number of people who are financially challenged so that they can attend, and the spirit of service and making a contribution to humanity underpins everything that we do.