Path of Love 7-Day Retreat: Relating Consciously

Relationship Retreat


Have you truly loved? If today was your last day to live, would you feel you have left a situation with anyone in your life, past or present, unresolved, or unfulfilled? Is there someone in your life you are unable to forgive?


We spend precious time and energy remembering and repeating past or current hurts or betrayals, punishing ourselves or someone else; or we just quietly withdraw and internalize our disappointment and sadness in inner isolation.


To establish and maintain healthy relationships we must first recognize, accept, and understand our behaviors, habitual protections, and fears, and see them for what they are. Exposure is frightening. To really stand in yourself, speak the truth, and be vulnerable takes tremendous courage. This courage pays off with immediate feelings of relief when we expose previously hidden parts of ourselves. The experience of being seen and heard brings with it profound, long-lasting healing.


At this 7-day conscious relating retreat, we work on all aspects of relating, from how we experience our feelings, reactions and defense systems…to the places we hide and the tricks we play to maintain the status quo.


At the Path of Love 7-day relationship retreat, you will develop the ability to connect with yourself and make deep, authentic contact with others. You will find the courage to stand up and be honest, and discover what is blocking you from being real. You will have a chance to heal your wounds, and address, genuinely feel, and work through pain from past and current relationships.


This retreat is a safe place to express and resolve feelings around death, divorce and separation, lack of closeness between partners, friends, parents, or children…


Come to the 7-day Path of Love retreat, and improve your relationship with yourself and with others.


Path of Love: An Introduction into Yourself

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