A Letter from Rafia

Dear friends of the Path of Love,

I thought it was good timing to write to you and give an update on what’s happening at Path of Love.

As the world seems to be spinning into more and more chaos, corruption, crisis and confusion….as sense-making often seems out of reach, as the environmental changes roar and levels of violence soar there is also an ever-emerging and recognized need by very many people to embody the clarity and presence needed to wake up, shift to a new paradigm and take a dignified stand for higher values and a life we know reflects our deepest potential.

It is very interesting that at the same time as this existential crisis, Path of Loves around the world are in demand faster than we seem to be able to supply dates and places.  I have never seen such a tide of people ready to pull their heads out of the sand, look into and own their personal shadows, lack of fulfillment and alienation in order to transform and become agents of something aligned with our collective capacity to be Loving and Powerful.

In November, POL in the UK was booked out for 3 months,  POL in Germany and Italy were full, there was a waiting list in the USA and new and beautiful venues are showing up, wanting to partner with us and allow us to have bigger groups in spectacular and nourishing settings.

In 2020 we will hold our first workshops in Bali, beginning with an Awakening of Love weekend workshop in January, and we have some wonderful people in training so we can soon move into the Spanish-speaking world, Netherlands and Poland.

I really feel Path of Love is one of those life-changing processes that address our deepest longing to realize the truth and sovereignty of Being as well as holding the medicine which is part of the answer to the global crisis. The time is always now but perhaps never so much as NOW.

I also want to say thank you to the hundreds of people that continue to staff and support Path Retreats with their heartfelt presence and donations for scholarships that help very many people to attend each year.

We are truly working to create a path that all can walk and feel supported by as well as to develop new groups and programs such as our global Love in Action Program which will really kick off this year.

In the next 5 months we have Path of Love offered in:

Verona, Italy from November 27 – December 4th  on Campus: This is one of the all-time favorite places for Path of Love and it will be the last one there as the owners are retiring.

Fortaleza, Brazil at Osheanic International from January 5th -12th: This is a fantastic place. Full of Brazilians and Europeans taking a break from winter.

Pune, India in Osho Meditation Resort from January 15 – 22: This is the first place we had Path of Love and of course, the vibration of Osho is forever there to take you deep and high.

Obidos, Portugal which is on the Atlantic coast at the beautiful 5-star Evolutee Hotel from February 22- 29.

Hunter Valley, Australia from March 12-19: A great venue complete with kangaroos bouncing about the premises.

Perugia, Italy from March 18th -25th with St Francis at Le Torracce in Assisi.

Path of Love Yorkshire, United Kingdom at Broughton Hall from March 19th – 26th at our new and spectacular venue!! Click here for pictures and feel of what is there…our partnership with Broughton Hall is particularly special for us as our visions are so closely aligned.

With love, respect, appreciation and courage,


You are a ruby embedded in granite. How long will you pretend it’s not true? We can see it in your eyes. Come to the root of the root of your Self. ~Rumi

The Broughton Hall Estate – Serving a New Way of Life

Click here to read more about the Broughton Hall Estate … and read a message from Andrew Harvey, founder of Sacred Activism, author of forty books, and Broughton’s philosopher in residence.



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