Online Deepening & Integration Day


Keep Your Journey Alive! Online Deepening and Integration Day for POL Graduates
with Alima Cameron, Path of Love Leader, and the Path of Love Australia Team

September 17, 2022 from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. AEST (Sydney Time)


This is an opportunity for graduates to reconnect with one another and to deepen the key elements learned from the Path Of Love.

Now that you are integrated into your life, how is the flame of your longing and connection to your true nature? In what ways have things shifted, and in what ways have you sabotaged the jewels you found?

Path of Love is such an intense journey…and now we invite you to remember and enliven the spark of your essence by attending this Online Deepening & Integration Day.

We will come together with space for deep connection, with some enquiry and horseshoe work, as well as a burn meditation!

Come and join us for a day of self- remembrance, connection and celebration.


For new and old graduates.

Cost:  AUD$150.

To Register, contact Abhi at [email protected]




Alima has been working in the field of transformation with herself and others for 40 years. She is passionate about awakening and seeks to embody authenticity and compassion in her life and her work with people.

She has trained in many different modalities and offers individual sessions as a therapist, life coach and spiritual counsellor, specializing in trauma resolution and the search for meaning and self love within personal inner crisis. She works deeply and intuitively with each individual’s needs. She views the Path of Love as an exceptional and rare jewel of authenticity and transformation and has been facilitating, organizing, and presenting the work for over 20 years in Australia, America and worldwide. Alima sees her work and her life as a journey of humility and trust …. a gradual and loving opening toward self-awareness, presence, and conscious action in the world.



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