A Message from Our Co-Founder, Turiya Hanover…On This Moment…

Dear all,

I am writing these lines from Munich where I just arrived from Australia in an almost empty flight, facing this situation of the coronavirus.

I see this as an incredible opportunity for us as community to come together for a process of intensive self-exploration in the face of an agitated situation in the world. We can choose to raise our awareness and to create mutual support and maybe even find a new vision.

It’s a chance to find new ways to think, feel and act.

It is a chance for each of us to inquire into ourselves…and see who we are in the current situation.

“Who am I…What do I feel…How do I act…in relation to the current situation?”

Once you become aware of yourself in this situation, you can move further out and relate to the wider circumstances.

I have been just through the raging wildfires in Australia and it’s unbelievable and heart-breaking destruction. It looks to me that we are living in a time of a large cleaning process that confronts us with fear and panic. For me to learn to stay in presence seems to be the most important lesson. I feel it’s an amazing moment for humanity to deepen our grounding and even more so, to learn to care for each other, and not only be self-centered and egoistic.

Without presence, and awareness, I can only be scared and frightened and will allow fear to run my life. Or the other side is, that I will be detached and avoidant and just downplay what’s happening. Both of these reactions keep me imprisoned and do not allow me to be in this challenging situation.

This global situation shows the fragility of our world – and our deep interconnectedness and interdependence becomes very clear. Although it may often seem we can solve everything alone, now we see that we really need each other and that we depend on each other.

Going step by step and moment to moment…what else…

With love,





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