Global Initiatives: Speaking to Rafia Morgan

Speaking to Rafia Morgan, co-founder of Path Retreats, after the inaugural Love in Action in Croatia, his words flow forth with phrases like ‘special glow to it’ and ‘profound presence in the room’.

Love in Action is the final piece of the Path of Love, the part where we take love and transformation out into the world. Time to give back, time to be in service. This seems so relevant right now when inequality is so rife globally and the need for us to step up and out is so needed.

The Path of Love in Croatia was our first Love in Action program. It consisted of a 7-day Path of Love Retreat in Croatia where the participants only paid for material costs and the staff all gave their time and services for free. There was no agenda beforehand with regards to the war in former Yugoslavia but the attendance of participants from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia made it significant nevertheless.

“We chose the countries of ex-Yugoslavia as both Turiya and I have a special love of that part of the world,” says Rafia. “We have travelled there extensively and worked in-depth with a group which was mostly Croatian for 8 years. We are, of course, aware that many of the people in the region went through a horrible war but as a subject we didn’t mention it directly, trusting instead that if there were issues about it as part of a participants opening, they would address them themselves and we were confident we would be able to respond appropriately.”

All together there were 52 participants and 54 staff in a hotel near the border with Slovenia. We were a great team…even the people who worked in the hotel ended up wanting to do the Path of Love, once they witnessed the effects!

Doing it reminded me of why we created the Path of Love, people were so in their genuine feelings and exchanging them. That level of connection is what makes people feel met, extended, expanded. It was a joy to be in there with them. There was a huge generosity of spirit.

And was it any different?

“Well, it had that inspired extra glow of a first happening. It makes me so happy to have started these Love in Action events, this really feels like a completion to me, to really give without asking for anything back.”

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