How Do I Relate to Others?

Hello everyone,

Here is Talib & Shubhaa: It is with great joy that we take the opportunity to write to all of you here. Some of you we already have had the privilege of knowing and others we look forward to meet you some day soon. We understand how precious your time is and we are grateful to have a chance to share a bit with you.

For us, Path of Love is about how we are living our lives. How we are relating with ourselves, the people closest to us, our child, our colleagues, family and maybe even the neighbor next door. Within relational refections, most of the material we need to develop ourselves is present.

If you take the courage and sincerity to really look at these reflections without blaming the outside for what is happening in your life, you can gather a tremendous power to make a shift. This approach and attitude has been changing the way we live, the way we love and the quality of connections we experience in our daily lives.

So, we would like to invite you to an experiment….not just believing something just because we are saying it but from your own personal experience.

We would like to invite you to do a small inquiry:

Who is around you today in your life who is important to you? If you would unfocus your eyes for a moment, or even close them so you can retract your attention and awareness into your minds eye and look…take some time and really look….just trust who comes to you…now let yourself imagine sitting in front of this person and ask these questions.

  • Do I tell you the truth?
  • Do I share my honest feelings with you without filtration?
  • Do I reflect on my reactions towards you as something to do with me, or rather spend my time and energy blaming you when I am hurt, or disappointed?
  • Do I stop showing myself to you out of fear of being judged, or labeled right or wrong?
  • Can I show you my spiritual side as well as my logical intelligence?
  • Do you trust me to do the same?
  • Would you also come to me if you needed support and a warm, open, nonjudgmental listener?

As you let yourself ask these questions with curiosity, what are you noticing in your mind, heart and body? How do you experience yourself in this moment? Maybe there are voices commenting how you “should be”? If so, that is ok also…Or maybe something is reflecting inside…take your time…trust what is coming to you without any right or wrong.

Now…let yourself ask yourself this:

  • If I look at the other areas of my life….the people I relate with…how am I relating with them?
  • How am I treating them?
  • How am I treating myself in relation to them?

We encourage you to maybe write down what is coming to you for 5 to 10 minutes. This can give you alot of precious information about yourself. Maybe adding, How would you like to live and relate?

In our experience the Path of Love Retreat is all about discovering and embodying our potential. Not as a theory but as a felt sense experience of living it in life!

With a deep respect,

Talib & Shubhaa

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