Love in Action: Path Retreats Takes the Love Out into the World

Since 1977 Rafia Morgan has been deeply involved with spiritual and personal growth work, and has been conducting workshops and trainings in countries around the world. Over the years he has passionately investigated his own inner world and has participated and trained in innumerable spiritual and therapeutic approaches. His background, enthusiasm, and commitment to spiritual awakening; his love of people, of life and the discovery of human potential give him vast resources to help people in personal growth work.

Rafia describes the Path of Love 7-Day Retreat as the “fastest, deepest vehicle for transformation that I know of” He says, “Nothing else I have experienced addresses so profoundly and directly the existential situation of the seeker for Truth and human beings today.

Rafia Morgan is a co-Founder of Path Retreats and Working with People Seminars.

Rafia, why has Path Retreats decided to start Love in Action?

“There has always been a desire to give back,” says Rafia, “it began with our scholarship program, and this new project takes the idea one step further. I’ve always seen the process of Path of Love as a way of addressing separation and finding a place for that expansive oneness that everyone yearns for. So many parts of living divide us…religion, gender, culture, etc… but our true nature is one of acceptance, and Path Retreats has always been about bringing people together.”

So how did the idea for Love in Action come about?

“We had just done a Path of Love in Brazil. We were on the beach, a group of us, and it was covered in plastic. I suggested we work together as a group cleaning it up. We collected so much stuff over about 100 meters, it was incredible. But the key was that it was a community action, and how powerful it was. A crowd gathered around us and clapped at the end. That just tipped the idea into consciousness.”

And the first Love in Action event is a Path of Love, which will run in Croatia from March 20-27th 2018.      

“Yes, the staff are giving their time for free and the hotel is giving great rates. It is open to participants from all of the countries that made up Yugoslavia from Bosnia to Montenegro.”

But it’s not aimed specifically for working with trauma from the war years?

“No.  It’s very important to say that this not what the participants want. They want a normal Path of Love. No doubt there will be stuff that comes up from that time, but that’s not what we’re being invited specifically to do. People in Croatia have been doing this personal development work for some years and Turiya and I have been travelling there for a long time and running workshops. There is no political agenda. It’s a wonderful project. I see it as a very healing venture.”

How do you see Love in Action evolving in the future?

“There are all sorts of possibilities. People involved in Path Retreats, graduates and facilitators, may well set up their own projects in different parts of the world.  A project may just be a fundraising event for a specific cause. Or it may be running a Path of Love, like the one on Croatia, or a 3-day workshop. There are many alternatives, and we are very excited. Soon people will be able to suggest ideas via the website…I hope some really big projects evolve out of it.”

Love in Action in Croatia will run from March 20-27th 2018. For more information, or to offer assistance with this program, please contact [email protected].

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