Path of Love: Osho International Meditation Center in Pune, India!

Dear friends,

Just few words to say that we finished an amazing POL in Pune India. How powerful to see again and again, how this process, together with the Buddhafield of Osho Resort, is such an important resource for people who are working with people.

Therapists, as psychiatrists, psychologists, and medical doctors, are often drained or burnt out by their work. Dealing with negative emotion, pain and trauma on a regular basis makes it easy for professionals in this field to lose their center.

Path of Love, with its unique structure, helps therapists to see deep into themselves and realign with their enthusiasm, compassion, love, and power for their work.

Here are some testimonials from our last POL in Pune:

The Path of Love is not an ordinary therapy group; it is not from the mind, not even from the heart, it is from Existence. I have more trust, more gifts from Existence.

Nikhil, Psychiatrist, Japan

Every step of the way I felt completely held in a safe enough space to go deeper than I ever have before to enable me, at last, to meet my true self and accept my uniqueness. The whole week was seamless in its structure. Moving the group into understanding of the mystery of love. Both Sambhavo and Praful embody this amazing work – they are truly inspirational facilitators.

Clare Gilsenan, Therapist and Hoffman Facilitator, UK

I found it a great experience to show my ego so directly and with much excitement. And the experiences of being a victim, an angry fighter, a judge, a failure, a loser, a perfectionist, a winner, competition inside – all the shadow parts. I also found deep love, peace, harmony, sincerity, courage, craziness and wild energy, a goddess, a diamond inside. Actually I have everything, no matter if I call it shadow parts or bright parts, I need to own them all, every part of them, so that I can own myself and move forward and live my real life.

Lily, Group Interpreter, China

I learnt to know about myself, and to have the courage to face my dark side. Most importantly, I can embrace my true feeling no matter if its positive or negative. No more hiding and lying to myself and others, I am truly who I am. The POL is just the beginning of the journey of self-discovery, opening and love.

Sundari, Chakra Dance Facilitator, Taiwan


Sambhavo & Praful

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