Path of Love: The Reunion of East and West

The West says we should talk about wounds and traumas, like talking to a psychotherapist, while the East says it is better to see them, through meditating and watching yourself. The Path of Love is the reunion of both: you talk, you see and eventually you feel in your body what’s consuming you from the inside, these wounds. Not only yours, but also the ones of others. And because of that you give yourself and others a chance to heal, heal through one another. What a powerful journey…

In her book, “A Return to Love”, Marianne Williamson talks about the power of interpersonal relationships and how returning to love is the most effective healing tool. When you enter that sacred place where it is okay to feel triggered by someone, where you give up on fighting and give yourself a chance to transform the pain you feel into a beautiful feeling of aliveness and love.

Expressed like that it seems easy right? But in day-to-day life it’s not that easy because everybody is just busy with their own mind shits, work, duties, family troubles, “be perfect”, “be strong”, “be nice”, “be on time”, “hurry up” attitudes. We are lacking what Brene Brown highlights in her TED Talk on vulnerability. But the society does not want us to be vulnerable, the society wants us to compete, to fight, to survive, to compare, to perform. That is definitely not the road to peace. And we are starting to understand it…we need more connection, to ourselves, to others, to nature. We need to be more courageous and more rebellious to move from our hearts and not our minds. We need more compassion for ourselves, for others and for nature. We need more Love.

After years of fears, being frightened, being scared, going through wars and layers of conditionings, we cannot jump from a place of fear to a place of love in a snap of the fingers. It is just impossible. But we can make baby steps in our own rhythm. We can create safe places and loving environments to grow and transform. That’s what the Path of Love offers: a safe container for planting and growing the seeds of love. It’s a school for life with a very simple re-education program based on trust. It is sad to realize but most of our environments in daily life are not safe…starting with the family. Until everyone is ready to speak out and create change, we as individuals need to organize ourselves and find safe places to express and do our home work.

And this is for the best, because if you enter this sacred place of profound healing where compassion and love flow you will certainly open doors towards love for others around you. Why? Because love is the fire, the light…it burns and transforms what it touches. This happened to me last year when a good friend shared with me her experience of the process, awakening in me the fire and the desire to make the jump. This year it was my turn to touch the hearts of my friends and it felt so blessed to walk the Path of Love for the third time last week with my best friend, my love, and also to find out my friend’s brother would be jumping in with us. The world is so big but the world is so small…we always look at what sets us apart but very rarely look at what brings us together. I am so grateful to be able to witness transformation around me in my very close environment.

What is it to be human if not surrender? Surrender to who we are. Understanding that constantly fighting only takes energy away and keeps us separated from who we are and from others. There is nothing else. We are wired for connection, though the senses. It would be a shame to leave earth scared…without ever embracing our full, human, loving experience.

Thank you to all these beautiful souls doing their homework and taking responsibility for themselves. I bow down.


Quentin Vignaud is a Path of Love Graduate.

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