Rewilding in North Yorkshire

Hello dear friends of Path of Love,

Several years ago, after a Path of Love in Brazil, Praful, Talib, Shubhaa and I decided to have a beach holiday. We went to a beautiful spot a bit south of Fortaleza to unwind and spend some time together outside of the group room.

On the first day I dove into a perfect wave and nearly got smothered by a large plastic bag that swamped my face! When I came out of the water dragging this bag we started looking around at the beach and noticed how much garbage, mostly plastic, was fouling the beach. We decided to see how much we could collect over a 200 meter stretch in two hours. By the time we finished we had a small mountain of debris (including a car seat) and a sparkling beautiful stretch of clean beach. A small crowd watched us and began to applaud. We looked at each other and said…”Ah this is Love in Action.”

At that moment a new branch of POL was born called Love in Action.

We have, however, not been very successful thus far in taking action— especially in this last year. Until now.

My partner Margriet and I were very fortunate to spend most of the last year as guests of Roger Tempest and his partner Paris Ackrill at Broughton Hall on their magnificent estate in Yorkshire, England ( We are delighted to know this will soon become the new UK residence for Path of Love and Working with People (see you there!)

At Broughton Hall they are very committed to a wonderful multifaceted and multidimensional vision.  I write this in support of that vision and to hopefully inspire you to find and participate in similar ventures which address our planetary environmental crisis. This is a link to an inspiring webpage about their Rewilding project:  This year, so far, they have planted 250,000 trees and have plans to keep going for the next 2 years.

As an act of Love in Action I am asking you to share this with your friends, acquaintances and enemies as it is very well done, informative and for me at least, very inspiring. And you might plant a tree or ten as a positive demonstrative act and symbol for remembrance of this critical time we live in. Wherever you may be there are probably similar initiatives you could support in some meaningful way.

With love and respect,



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