The Infinite Blue is my Depth

My life has been a pursuit of longing and inner exploration. I have been on a search to find myself to find out who I am, to have a connection of significance with my heart and life.

This search manifested quite early in my life. As a kid, I used to swim in a rough sea, and with my small inflatable boat, I loved to capsized by the madness of the waves.

Later as a teenager, during summer vacation, I was sailing hours and hours with my windsurf.

I was going as far as I could, dropping the sail, being there, feeling the immensity around. It was a remarkable, incredible time.

I didn’t know, as I know now, that this aloneness in the vastness was a form of prayer, a calling of my longing, a deep need of my heart to touch base into the essence of life.

As years passed, my quest led me to graduate and post-graduate in Psychology, to become a psychotherapist, to meditate with gurus in India and to go into my depth with shamans of Mexico and Amazon.

Then came a time when I started teaching all around the world the self-development processes of Path of Love and Primal. Processes that support and inspire people to realize their humanness and love potential. In essence, what I’ve learned from my inner search in my lifetime.

As a therapist working with people, I know well that my job is a dance from working to resourcing. After being merged with people, with their stories, pain, and emotion I need to refresh, I need to recharge my self. Understanding this is fundamental for all people working with people.

Personally, my resource is to be alone, totally alone in nature. There I can dive in and regenerate. Any nature will do. A wild luxuriant forest, a tall rough mountain, a silent infinite desert. A place where I can move and merge for a few days and my body, my energy are back full again.

But of all these places, the ocean is my favorite one. I just go there, any time of the day, often early in the morning or at sunset time. After years it also becomes a meditation, that I do any time I need to re-center my self.

I swim and I look down into the blue and I go on looking, I don’t think, I just look. I don’t create words in my mind because I know they will become a barrier. I don’t verbalize. I’m staying in the experience and in the momentum of the swimming.

And if you are looking into the deep blue without thinking, suddenly you will feel that everything has disappeared; there is nothing.

In that disappearance, you will become aware of yourself. Looking into this emptiness, you will become empty. Why? Because our eyes are like a mirror. Whatsoever is before they are reflected. If you see someone sad – then a sudden sadness enters you. What has happened? You have looked at sadness. You are like a mirror: the sadness is reflected in you.

Someone laughs – suddenly you feel laughter coming to you also. It has become contagious. We are like a mirror, we are reflecting things.

You look at a beautiful object – it is reflected in you. You look at an ugly object – it is reflected in you. Whatsoever we are seeing penetrates deep into us. It becomes part of our consciousness.

If you are looking deep down into the depth of the ocean, when you are swimming, only the infinite of the blue is reflected. When you feel the ocean within, you will become calm, you will find tranquility.

That emptiness – that blue – that vastness inside also will be reflected. And in emptiness, all tension disappears, all worry dissolves, and fears evaporate.  In emptiness, the mind with its thoughts doesn’t function. It stops; it disappears.

So next time you are going to swim into the ocean, look into the depth without thinking. The depth will be reflected in you.

Just looking at the vastness at the endless blue: become one with it. Suddenly you will feel you have the same immensity, the same infinite depth within you!


Sambhavo is a specialized therapist with a Clinical Master and Ph.D. in Psychology. He was a psychology researcher and teacher at the University of Florence from 1994 till 2000, and is a Path of Love Leader in English, Italian and Spanish.

At a very young age, his passion for human potential and self-discovery drew him to meditation and psychology, where he became familiar with many self-exploration techniques, meditations and therapy approaches such as: Osho Therapy, Strategic Short-Term Therapy, Group Dynamic, Bioenergetic, Sexual Trauma, Primal, Trauma Resolution and Psychodynamic Therapy.

His longing for truth never stops, and he constantly searches and works on himself, experiencing new paths, methods, groups, and self-development processes.  For the past 25 years, Sambhavo has been working with people. He is a full member of the APA (American Psychological Association) and the EFPA (European Federation Psychologists Associations).

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