The Need for Solid, Grounded Integration

The path of personal and spiritual transformation through group work has been well-trodden these past 60 or 70 years. Encounter groups, psychodrama and Constellation work, large-format groups and shamanic groups – all helping participants access what lies beyond the conscious mind and effect lasting change. All have their place, and Path of Love has a special well-deserved place in this rich tradition.

While all these approaches come from slightly different perspectives and origins there is one thing that they all share: the need for solid, grounded integration. It is one thing to have a powerful opening and transformation within the safe boundaries of a well-held group, but it is quite another thing to take that new awareness and open heart into the outside world and translate these new understandings into concrete action.

There are certain traps waiting for us when we leave the group room – certain forces, we can say, that are so prevalent in our collective psyches that they almost have lives of their own. Exactly 100 years ago Carl Jung gave these forces the game “archetypes”, which can be translated as “ancient imprints”. These are patterns of behaviour that have been acted out by so many people so many times over so many years in so many cultures that they can almost be said to have a life of their own.

Recognising this, and that integration is the key to manifesting reliable change in our lives, the Path of Love leaders recently developed a powerful new workshop, “Walking the Path” to take the learnings, openings and longings of the Path of Love process to a different level by engaging directly with these archetypal forces. Does that sound like a challenge? Good…because it is.

Here are some comments for people who attended the last one in Croatia in May 2019:

“Very mature, adult, responsible”
“Deep gratitude for this brilliant work”
“We were pushed out of our comfort zone!”
“Finally managed to meet my inner being and her power”

Walking the Path will change your life. I can say this because I have led 5 of these group workshops now and have seen first-hand what happens when Path of Love graduates harness all that they have learned to date through their personal work and combine that with a powerful longing to go higher.

Simon Matthews, Path of Love Leader, is a London based psychotherapist and father of 5 trained in transpersonal and integrative psychotherapy, and in SE (Somatic Experiencing) trauma therapy. He is accredited by the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy).

The next Walking the Path in Europe will be held over the weekend of 18th – 21st October 2019 in a beautiful mill house by a lake in northern France. Easily accessible from Paris, and only 5 hours from London by car or special Love bus. We look forward to welcoming you to renew and extend your Path of Love adventure.

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