Announcing the Launch of Love in Action Australia!

This month, Path Retreats Australia is offering a free Awakening of Love specifically designed for people who work in the caring industry, or parents and partners of people who need their full-time care.

This follows the heartfelt success of the Love in Action Path of Love in Croatia. The incredible energy this workshop created inspired us to launch our regional Love in Action program here in Australia.

This opportunity to give back to the community, from the abundance of what is created in Path Retreats, is truly a natural progression of the work. It is taking us to the next level of awareness and we feel moved to give back.

Already there is talk in our small Byron Bay community from local doctors and people who are connected to professional caring institutes, expressing their gratitude for what is about to take place. That is the full circle, we give out of gratitude, and it is received in gratitude and love is created. This is a complete cycle of our work on this path of love.

There are other layers to this as well. There is now an opportunity for anyone to apply to create a Love in Action project, through a form on our Love in Action webpage.

This is an opportunity for connection, for community, and for connection between communities! It is also an opportunity to bring a flavor of aliveness, joy, and awareness to any project we do, no matter how small or large. A contribution to Love in Action can be raising funds for those in need, supporting those that support others, raising our voice for those that are voiceless, or rolling up our sleeves to protect our planet.

Any project that is created is also an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and about how we interact with others. As always with Path Retreats, it is an opportunity for growth and deepening self-awareness.  When we are supported and nurtured, as we were as participants in Path of Love, it is natural for us to want to support and enable others. This is how community is created. This extension of the Path Retreat’s body of work into Love in Action becomes a vehicle for the greater good and nourishment of us all.

We are really excited to support the beautiful community we have here and witness the possibilities for bringing Love in Action forward into the world.

Mukti Grace, Love in Action Australian Coordinator

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