Radical Honesty: Three-Week Intensive for Path of Love Graduates

Radical Honesty: The Path to Living in a Real and Honest Way

Three-Week Intensive for Path of Love Graduates

Led by Avinash, Tatha, Kali, and Punitama

July 29, August 5, August 12 at 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. MST (Colorado Time)

July 30, August 6, August 13 at 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. AEST (Australia Time)


A truly honest person will go on changing with every moment. He will keep in tune with existence – that is what I call honesty – he will not lag behind. He will always be harmonious and in deep synchronicity with existence. If existence is moving and changing like a river, he will be moving and changing like a river. – Osho



Three Week Intensive Only, USD $75



Three Week Intensive with Burn (Sunday, August 2 at 6:00 p.m. MST, and Monday, August 3 at 10:00 a.m. AEST), USD $95




Our Path of Love leaders and facilitators have created these Weekly Intensives to offer our graduates an online experience of the deep healing work of Path of Love!

This three-week intensive features three Facilitated Teaching and Sharing Evenings, with themes such as working with anxiety and uncertainty, embracing and finding strength in the shadow, exploring the possibility of freedom in the body, heart and being, and living honestly. Program includes facilitated sharings in your horseshoe, inquiries, meditations and teachings.  Deepen your inner work in the Path of Love modality, in an atmosphere of unconditional love and support.

Space is limited in this special offering.


Week 1: In week one, we will work with anxiety, worry and uncertainty, and on embracing the shadow honestly, and finding strength in all that it brings.

Week 2: In week two, we will explore the possibility of attaining freedom in the body, heart and being.

Week 3: In week three, we will explore what it is to be fully human…living honestly, in a radical, authentic and thrilling way.


Our on-line courses have been designed as unique, one-time live offerings from our Leaders, and recordings of modules will not be available. Thank you for understanding, and enjoy the live course!



Avinash brings over 35 years of experience as a meditator and facilitator in the spiritual inquiry process. He is the co-founder of the Osho Leela Center for Transformation in Boulder, Colorado and has experience with a wide range of transpersonal therapies and self-exploration modalities. He has been trained in the Osho Counselor Training Program, Landmark Seminar Leader Program, and Somatic Trauma Training (Peter Levine). He has also studied, trained, and worked with Breath Energy Therapy, NLP, Primal Therapy, De-Hypnotherapy, Conscious Counseling, and Tantra. He has been involved with Path Retreats for over 15 years.

In addition, Avinash practices a long-term commitment to meditation, “The Second Wing of the Bird of Freedom”. He is based in America and offers sessions and workshops throughout the world.


Kali has been a therapist for over 30 years. When she first came across Path of Love work, she was smitten. This felt to her like a perfect vehicle for her own growth and an expansion of how she works as a therapist. Kali’s style is to bring the whole person into the work: emotional, spiritual and physical. She allows people to work at their own pace and to find self-acceptance, healing and growth. 

Whether working as a therapist, chanting or meditating, Kali likes to go deep into her own heart and to connect with the hearts of others. For her this connection is the essence of spirituality, the knowledge that we are all one, all the same and all filled with divine energy.

Kali is a licensed therapist and clinical hypnotherapist. She holds a masters degree in Counseling, a post-graduate degree in Family Therapy, and an advanced certificate in Hypnotherapy. Kali is also a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Kirtan wallah. She taught yoga for 10 years, ran her own yoga studio in London and has been leading Kirtan since 2005. 


Punitama has dedicated her life to the spiritual inquiry process and has been involved in a wide range of exploration, meditation,  transpersonal therapies, and modalities.  She is the Executive director of the Osho Leela Center for Transformation in Boulder, Colorado as well as a founding member of the Sattva Institute. She is passionate about supporting people to find connection, joy, direction and deep fulfillment in their lives, through the sessions, groups and seminars she offers.

She has been trained in Somatic Experience Trauma Training (Dr. Peter Levine), Path of Love Awakening Leaders Training, NLP, Osho Meditation Training, Bio-Energetics, Breath Work, School of Enneagram, and Diamond Heart Essence Training.

Punitama works with individuals, and couples and is especially passionate in supporting women and their life journey and in the challenges in bringing a fuller, and healthier expression of the Divine Feminine presence to the earth.


Tatha Gabrielle Viethen has been involved in the Path of Love since 2000. She has worked as an individual, family and couple therapist, group leader and transformational coach over three decades and is a licensed therapist in the US. She has worked in domestic and sexual abuse programs, addiction rehabilitation, and trauma recovery and has been on the faculty of a master program in transformational counseling . She has trained extensively in psychodynamic therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, EMDR, Gestalt therapy, family therapy models, Hakomi, and integral somatic psychology.

In her twenties she began to explore her own longing for spiritual connection and soon met Osho. Under the umbrella of her love for Osho, she met many other awakened masters and over the years was fortunate to be guided in various forms of meditation, inquiry, and transformational process.

In working with people she is committed to work with our full human experience: facing the edge of pain and trauma that shut down our life force as much as inviting the courage and passion to follow our longing for awakening and deep loving connection. She believes “The way is through,” lovingly inviting each person to be authentically present in the challenges of their lives and to let go of the pain created by avoiding and defending. In Path of Love she found the most complete and authentic way to bring fully alive our passion for awakening and conscious living in this life journey.





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