Sexual Healing through Trauma Healing


Sexual Healing through Trauma Healing


Discover Your Inner Strength through Healing Your Trauma

September 4, 5, 6 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Paris Time (for people in Europe)

and 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Sydney Time (for people in Australia)

Taught by Rupda, Path of Love Leader


Have you ever felt like the old traumas of your past are holding you back from living your fullest life?


Most likely you have experienced some level of trauma throughout your life and within your surroundings, whether it was at school, home, socially or all of the above.

Trauma is when you felt a sense of powerlessness and didn’t have a choice — often a moment when you weren’t able to fight back, set a boundary, or run for safety — and when this happens the nervous system becomes overwhelmed, much like a shock to the system. That traumatic experience has now set in motion a new belief, a new coping mechanism,  a new association towards our relationships with others and with ourselves.

How do I know if I have trauma?


We only have to look to our body to see the symptoms and our emotional responses to see our behaviours. The aftermath of a traumatic event shows up in many different forms; anxiety, fearfulness, panic attacks, disassociation, mood swings, shutting down, withdrawing, feeling contracted, unsafe, insecure, shame, guilt just to name a few…

But one thing we can say for sure, is that trauma inhibits our ability to fully feel safe, to fully relax, to fully trust and to fully feel alive.


I often say when I’m teaching on the topic of trauma, that “…everything shows up during intimacy” because it is during intimacy when we want to feel trust, relaxation, open, free, uninhibited and alive (not just during the honeymoon phase). And to feel these qualities during intimacy with another becomes very difficult if we’ve had a traumatic experience in our life.

The house of intimacy (and truly letting go during intimacy) for many people is either compromised, carries fear, shame, negative associations, or is forgotten about altogether. And yet, intimacy allows us to experience life in — dare I say it — an intimate way. It represents a profound moment in time when we are fully relaxed in who we are and able to be fully present (no judgements or adjustments needed). Intimacy is not only with another, but also with yourself and with Life around you…where we are in complete relaxation and trust with all and everything. Osho’s wonderful quote says it well, “intimacy is a love affair with the unknown”.

Sexual Healing through Trauma Healing is a 3-day journey that we will take together exploring this very topic. We look at where we are held back, the obstacles we currently face, and learn ways to heal areas in our life where we feel inhibited, so that we can experience life intimately and passionately.

Due to the nature of this subject, and out of respect for the privacy of all participants, this program will not be recorded. 


If you are ready to move beyond your traumas, and experience greater intimacy and trust within yourself and in your relationships, join Rupda for this life-changing course…

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If you would like to attend, but need to pay a lower course fee, we understand wholeheartedly and want to support you to attend. To request a reduced price, please write to Lorri, at [email protected].

Rupda has lived in Europe, India, USA and Australia. Today, she works with people around the globe in areas of conscious leading, self-leading and self- development. She has spent over 45 years dedicated to a conscious path, bringing her knowledge, tools and techniques through the work she offers. Her sense of presence and sense of humour brings both a lightness and a depth to how she works with individuals, groups and organisations alike. Her passion is to inspire people to discover their own unique
qualities and how to apply them in daily lives.

Rupda is a certified Counsellor with S.I.A.F. and a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner from Peter Levine’s SE® Institute of Trauma Healing. She is also an NLP (Neuro- linguistic programming) Practitioner, studying directly under John Grinder. Additionally, she is trained in Non-Violent Communication, Enneagram and Hypnosis Mastery directly under Stephan Gilligan. She’s worked directly with Tony Robbins in Business Mastery and Leadership as well as studying various other works from Quantum Physics, Family Constellation, EMDR, L.O.A., Essence, Mindfulness, Stress Release and numerous others.



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