Trust: An Essential Ingredient for Living a Purposeful Life




An Essential Ingredient for Living a Purposeful Life

with Milan

A One-Night Webinar which Takes a Look at Trust: Our Silent Pillar of Strength

January 28, 2021 from 5:o0 – 7:30 p.m. CET (Italy/Germany Time)



Every time we are truly present, trust follows. Trust is a silent pillar of strength in life. When we’re connected to it, we sense a natural right to belong and contribute. In its absence, we manoeuvre through life as strategists attempting to control our environment. Paradoxically, it feels easier to move through life ignoring our need for trust and clinging to the idea of control. Somehow, this way we feel immune to disappointment, abandonment and other painful surprises. But, without trust we can’t discover the new as we are preoccupied with protection.

In this 2.5 hour interactive webinar, we explore trust with fresh eyes. Together, we’ll explore how we each use the word ‘trust’ in our lives, while often feeling far from experiencing it.

Joining this webinar, you’ll gain a deeper awareness of the complexity of trust and how to anchor it more in your life.


Milan supports people in safe, loving and respectful environments to deepen their awareness of their life’s unfolding, and nourish self-love and acceptance.  His work emphasizes the relationships we create throughout our lives with our family of origin, in our love relationships, with our children and in our professional and personal lives. He works with individuals and couples in his clinic in Tel-Aviv or via Skype, leads therapy and personal growth workshops across Europe, and is a Senior Facilitator in Path of Love.

A broad understanding of the human psyche, its cultural and collective conditioning, and a deep understanding of the body’s reaction to traumatic events are his keys in working with people. On an even deeper level, Milan’s love and passion to live by truth and remove all obstacles of separation guide his work. 

“Healing happens when a deep understanding settles inside us. These understandings or insights occur on both the cognitive and body level. Since almost all significant events in our lives also leave an imprint in the form of stuck energy and contractions in the body, the therapeutic process always includes the body on some level. A deep respect for the path others are walking on is a key foundation for creating healing spaces.”


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