Walking the Path Together

This January, Path Retreats was looking forward to an exceptional year of transformational retreats, as we have done for the past 25 years.

Instead, as a result of the pandemic, we are now facing serious financial difficulty.

This is a critical time for raising human consciousness, and an urgent time for Path Retreats.



So that we can remain in operation and continue to offer our programs, which provide a journey of significant inner growth and deeply impactful self-discovery, we are launching #WalkingthePathTogether, a campaign to raise €100,000 by November 15.

Your participation can help keep Path Retreats alive.


At the start of this year here at Path Retreats we were filled with anticipation for another exceptional year of transformational retreats…oh 2020!  Like so many of us we had no idea that our lives, our work, and the world was about to change dramatically.

Across our global community we know that each of you have had different experiences and challenges during the last 6 months, but we do know that wherever we are in the world we have all shared a collective experience of fear and losing the ground beneath us like never before on this scale. We also have the privilege of experiencing in this community that when we share our hearts and our presence, a deepening of our humanity, resilience and interconnectedness happens.

And that is the healing we all need right now as we face this critical time…healing which supports human consciousness, connection and well-being.

Because this work could not be more vital at this time, we are launching this GoFund Me campaign to ask for your support to help us to continue the work of Path Retreats.


51119232_1603251966102428_r.jpegPath of Love Graduates and Staff, United Kingdom, November 2019


For 25 years Path Retreats has offered revolutionary, life changing retreats, including the world-renowned Path of Love, across the globe. As a purpose-led organisation with a unique structure, the majority of our program income is distributed to the facilitator teams in each region, with only a fraction flowing back to our core office to keep the home fires (of website and communications) burning.  

Our aim is to live our values and principles in managing a for-benefit business model that supports the well-being and development of both the people and places in which our programs operate, dedicated to raising human consciousness and being in this community together.

With the cancellation of our retreats since March, we have lost our core income and although our beloved staff are volunteering or on significantly reduced rates, we need your help to keep Path Retreats able to respond to the ever growing need for inner growth, meditation and connection.

By launching #WalkingthePathTogether, we hope to raise €100,000 by November 15 to support the continued delivery of on-line programs, and ensure we are able to run in-person retreats again.

We remain steadfast in our mission, responding to these past 6 months by shifting our focus to develop socially relevant, personally transformative on-line intensives that continue to bring healing and tools to support your growth, your joy and your being.

Your donation whatever the amount will help keep Path Retreats alive.

Please donate what you can to support us to continue #WalkingthePathTogether.



Working Towards a Significant Shift in Human Awareness


We know that the Path of Love 7-Day Retreat changes lives. In Path of Love, people realize their true nature. They experience an awakening of who they truly are…and there is nothing more important in the world today than the evolution of human consciousness.

Everyone who has taken Path of Love remembers that moment in the 7-day process when everything they had fought against, or struggled with for a lifetime, suddenly shifted. When the old stories and masks fell away and they began walking through life differently, because they had experienced real change.

Thousands of people’s lives have been deeply enriched and enduringly transformed by their participation in Path of Love.


The Path of Love offers the greatest healing I have ever known. This is a space and a time where your quest for truth is all there is…follow it and your life will never be the same.

Katinka Nicou, Executive and Personal Development Coach, Philanthropy Advisor, UK


Path Retreats workshops and personal growth retreats help you to find the authentic human being within yourself. We offer the very best of Western psychology and Eastern mindfulness techniques, with Leaders who are highly trained therapists, counsellors, and devoted spiritual seekers from diverse paths.

As we move through these times of uncertainty, we have worked to transition our delivery of the latest research and understandings in scientific and spiritual development to an on-line platform.

Our programs help to bring:

• deep inner peace and strength;
• emotional and mental balance;
• understanding and relief from pain and trauma;
• reduction in stress, fear and anxiety, and healing from grief and loss;
• an experience of real, authentic contact within yourself and with others;
• meaning, fulfillment, and manifestation of the life you long for.
• greater empathy, understanding, kindness and loving support for one another in this ever-changing world.

Here are some of the initiatives that we have in place or are in the final stages of development:

• In-depth online retreats and intensives for everyone who longs for lasting change, connection and inner growth.
• Live, on-line meditations and group sharings, bringing weekly comfort, connection and inspiration to our community.
• Developing new ways to bring people together again for safe, in-person retreat experiences.
• Coming Soon: Online professional counselling that offers individuals a way to connect directly with one of our highly skilled Leaders.


Path of Love on-line offerings support me to come home to my best, authentic, most vibrant and vulnerable self. In radical honesty, I found a safe place to show up fully, exactly as I am. I found greater self-acceptance as well as practical tools to support my journey.

Rachel Scott, Teacher, USA


Changing the world starts within each of us. Our mission is to make a significant difference to shift the trajectory of our world into one of empathy, kindness, compassion, understanding and connection.

If you are in a position to help, you are not just helping Path Retreats, you are helping anyone who is interested in deepening their own inner growth and gaining a greater sense of inner peace. You are helping to create a better world.


Please donate what you can to support us to continue #WalkingthePathTogether.




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