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This is a critical time for raising human consciousness,
and an urgent time for Path Retreats.

Please help us continue to offer life-changing transformation
in service to humanity as we transform to meet the needs of our community.

At the start of this year here at Path Retreats we were filled with anticipation for another exceptional year of transformational retreats…oh 2020! Like so many of us we had no idea that our lives, our work, and the world was about to change dramatically.

Across our global community we have all faced different experiences and challenges this year, and have shared a collective experience of fear and losing the ground beneath us like never before. We also have the privilege of being a part of this community that offers an opportunity to share our hearts, our pain and our presence. In that we have also experienced a deepening of our humanity, resilience and interconnectedness.

And that is the healing we all need right now as we continue to face the challenges of today…healing which supports human consciousness, connection and well-being.

Please support our future.

Because this work could not be more vital at this time, we have created a GoFund Me campaign to ask for your support to help us to continue the work of Path Retreats.

For 25 years Path Retreats has offered revolutionary, life changing retreats, including the world-renowned Path of Love, across the globe. As a purpose-led organisation with a unique structure, the majority of our program income is distributed to the facilitator teams in each region, with only a fraction flowing back to our core office to keep the home fires burning.

With the cancellation of our retreats since March, we have lost our core income and although our beloved staff are volunteering or on significantly reduced rates, we need your help to keep Path Retreats able to respond to the ever growing need for inner growth, meditation and connection.

Your donation can help keep Path of Love
alive for the future.

By launching our Walking The Path Together fundraising campaign, we hope to raise enough funds to support the continued delivery of on-line programs and virtual support until we are able to run in-person retreats again.

Your donation of any amount will help Path Retreats continue our vision for a more empathic, kind, compassionate, understanding and connected world.

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