Volunteering with the Hogar Cristiano Orphanage in Puntarenas

Dear friends,

It has been a big year for me since I completed Path of Love last April, as it is for most! I have closed my jewelry company, gone back to school to become a therapist, and my personal growth continues. To be honest, this Love in Action project started out as a surfing trip! I thought, “What a killer way to kick off the summer and celebrate a great year…surfing and motorbiking up and down the coast of Costa Rica.” Something wasn’t sitting right though. My intuition was calling, so I got quiet and listened. I found I wanted to serve and really experience the culture, Pura Vida. I listed out my dreams and orphanage popped up. “Now this is interesting,” I felt. So far, here is what has unfolded…

Hogar Cristiano Orphanage in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, is home to approximately 70 children between the age of newborn to 17 years. The orphanage is managed by the Sisters of the Assumption and is composed of 12 nuns and 6 local women (who are called aunts by the children in the home). The orphanage’s mission is to provide a nurturing environment and adequate training for abandoned and/or abused children and at-risk adolescents to develop the self-worth and skills necessary to live successful independent lives as adults. April is when they greatly lack donations and volunteers, so your support and care would be most welcomed.

Though this project has really only been alive for a few weeks, it is taking off…I will be volunteering at the orphanage for 4 weeks from mid-April to mid-May, we have raised several hundred dollars for supplies like diapers, cleaning products, and medical necessities which the orphanage is in frantic need of in April and May, and we now have a house in Puntarenas for a month.

It would be amazing, through Love in Action, to do this work with other POL friends who can travel to Costa Rica during those months, and share and process the experience together!

If you have an interest in volunteering or contributing to the project, please email Tatha, the USA Love in Action Coordinator, at [email protected].

With love,

Through love, personal and spiritual care – great life is possible…

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